Mission & Values


Our mission is to safely handle every tonne with pride and cost focus in order to support the success of our customer.



We protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our team, the environment and the community affected by our operations; no one is harmed by our actions (or the work we undertake), we look out for each other.

We will be successful when we -

  • Plan our work and complete tasks safely and responsibly
  • Look after ourselves, our mates, our community and our environment
  • Set the standard, live the standard
  • Actively seek out better ways to reduce our impact and risk
  • Engage with the local community, and be an active contributor to its success


We are consistent and transparent in our behaviours; we do what we say we will, and we do what is right.

We will be successful when we -

  • Do what we say we will do
  • Are open, honest, fair, and admit to our mistakes
  • Act professionally at all times and adhere to policies and procedures
  • Work with pride and perseverance


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and we hold ourselves and others accountable in achieving deadlines and deliverables.

We will be successful when we -

  • Hold ourselves accountable for our behaviour, our actions and our performance
  • Feel safe to challenge, encourage challenge, and accept feedback
  • Own our mistakes
  • Ask for help and look to help others
  • Understand our own strengths and weaknesses 


We are fair, balanced and considerate in the way we treat others; everyone is part of the one team.

We will be successful when we -

  • Treat others with respect
  • Have an awareness and appreciation for what we each do in the business
  • Are approachable and receptive to others
  • Actively support the decisions of leadership
  • Have a positive workplace that everyone participates in
  • Acknowledge and appreciate diversity


We focus on delivering superior results; we plan our work and work as a team to execute our plan.

We will be successful when we -

  • Focus on the solution, and take ownership in decision making
  • Work together and learn from each other to achieve our goals
  • Strive to deliver superior results by always performing at our best
  • Define and accept responsibility, deliver on our commitments
  • Maintain focus on safety, cost and productivity