Company Overview

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Pty Ltd (WICET) brings together some of the most experienced bulk commodity ports industry users and operators under one banner.  

WICET is owned by a consortium of Australian and international resources companies, namely:

1. Glencore
2. Coronado Curragh
3. Yancoal

WICET provides 27 million tonnes per annum of new export capacity from the Port of Gladstone.  The terminal can expand to a total of approximately 120 million tonnes per annum of long-term export capacity from the existing site when fully developed.

The industry-owned and privately funded delivery model is a first for Queensland which facilitates the timely development of important coal transport infrastructure without the need for government funding.

Terminal handling charges are based on a cost recovery basis to assist the competitiveness of the Queensland coal export industry.

WICET aligns with the Queensland Ports Strategy and UNESCO recommendations for new port developments, and is making a significant contribution to Gladstone through the provision of local employment opportunities and community initiatives.