Applying for capacity at WICET

The WICET terminal is rated to provide annual throughput capacity of 27Mt.

Currently, 13.9Mt of annualised capacity is allocated under long term Take or Pay Agreements.

Available unallocated surplus capacity is 13.1Mtpa, which WICET is able to allocate on a long term basis under a Take or Pay Agreement or on a short term basis under a Third Party Shipper Agreement.

The WICET Terminal Access Policy sets out the rules for applying for, allocating, managing and expanding capacity at the WICET Terminal.

Any Gladstone Coal Producer may apply for capacity at the Terminal. A 'Gladstone Coal Producer' is any actual or potential coal producer which holds a specified type of mining tenure in an area that has, or potentially has, rail transport connections to the Port of Gladstone.

The Access Policy includes the Capacity Management Principles which must be satisfied before WICET makes available capacity at the Terminal.

A Gladstone Coal Producer seeking long term capacity in excess of available surplus capacity may initiate an expansion of the Terminal by following the applicable Capacity Management Principles.

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